Watford be a part of Premier League Clubs To Agree Player Wage Deferral

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Watford became the latest Premier League club to agree on a wage deferral with players on Wednesday to help ride out the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Southampton, West Ham and Sheffield United have also agreed on deferrals, while Arsenal’s players will take a 12.5 per cent pay cut over the next year.

The Premier League fears a failure to finish the season could cost clubs 1 billion pounds (USD 1.2 billion).

“It may be a show of unity that we all know our supporters and also the wider Watford community can appreciate, Associate in Nursingd shows an awareness of the necessity for everyone to tug along in these unbelievably difficult times,” aforesaid Watford chairman and business executive Scott Duxbury.

“We will be pleased with the players for taking this step. They recognised they need a job to play and didn’t hesitate in choosing the general smart of the club.”

The Hornets were seventeenth within the Premier League, outside the relegation zone solely on goal distinction once matches were indefinitely suspended because of the general public health crisis.

Should the season be ready to restart, Watford risk the door of another severe economic hit with relegation.

“Nobody, where they work, is keen on the thought of a cut, therefore there’s a small amount of good judgment and an honest level of understanding has prevailed to induce to a pay deferral over the short term,” aforesaid captain Troy Deeney.

“The details of what we’ve united are personal – however, they’re within the best interests of serving to the club at once, nobody has to be in any doubt this.”

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