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David Belle was born on 29 April 1973 is a French actor, film choreographer and stunt coordinator. He’s deemed the founder and main pioneer of the bodily field Parkour, coining it primarily based on his schooling and the lessons from his father Raymond Belle. Belle got here to reputation through his parkour films and movie appearances, which includes District 13, District 13: Ultimatum, which becomes written and produced via Luc Besson, and the yank remake Brick Mansions. Belle has also consulted at the making of Babylon A.D., Prince of Persia, Colombiana and The circle of relatives. He’s the chair of the Parkour Committee of the worldwide Federation of Gymnastics.


Belle was born and raised in Fécamp, France, the son of Monique and Raymond Belle, in a modest circle of relatives within the suburbs of Paris. His grandfather Gilbert Kitten, father Raymond, and brother Jean-François Belle had been surprisingly professional rescuers within the army Paris hearth Brigade.

In 1984, on the age of eleven, Belle moved to Lisses, France. He made close buddies with a collection of teenagers with similar physical passions who started out education with him. Some of the friends that educated with David might later turn out to be referred to as the Yamakasi. Later in lifestyles, Belle hung out within the military and fireplace brigade with aspirations of following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. He left soon after for private motives with a purpose to dedicate himself to parkour.

Belle later joined the Troupes de marine in Vannes, wherein he received a promotion, a gymnastic agility certificate of honour, and champion data for regimental rope-mountaineering (which his father had once held) and the Essonne obstacle direction. He has but stated that his flavour and love for journey and freedom did no longer move nicely with the regimented lifestyles of the navy

Belle changed into first added to his appearing career in a meeting with Hubert Koundé (Los Angeles Haine), to speak about the achievement of parkour in cinema. He then started out developing his acting capacity with the play Pygmalion and has seen that been a hit in acquiring some of the roles primarily in French films and promotions. Belle has been featured in promotional movies for Tina Turner, and I am. He has starred in “Les gens du voyages” and “Un monde Meilleur”, followed by using “L’Engrenages” and “Femme Fatale”, in addition to “Les rivières pourpres 2”, starring Jean Reno. After filming several extra classified ads and promotions for the BBC, Nissan, Canon, and Nike, Belle turned into contacted through Luc Besson (director of Nikita, and The fifth detail) concerning co-starring as a lead actor with Cyril Raffaelli within the movement movie District 13, followed by using the sequel District thirteen: Ultimatum. Belle co-starred with Paul Walker in Brick Mansions (2014), a remake of District thirteen.

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